Cooperation can be complex;
our job is to make it easier.


Capitalisation is relevant at multiple levels and throughout the whole project life cycle.

Programmes should have management practices which enable and support capitalisation, and it is most effective when this is at the start of the project life cycle, not just the end. During implementation, and at the closure of the project there are further that can be taken to ensure the results and achievements of a project can provide foundations to go further. Capitalisation can be a bridging step as one project closes, and a new idea for taking the objective forward emerges.

Capitalisation focused on understanding how developed concepts and ideas that can be taken further, by bringing together many partners on implementing projects against a similar objective, from within the single Interreg programme, from the wider Interreg community and from other actions from EU funding and beyond.

Where to start

The essence of capitalisation is distilled in the 'Capitalisation Management Guide'. Aimed chiefly at programme processes, this should inspire programme documents which support the process of capitalisation.

Check out the 'Capitalisation Management Guide' for more information.

Four policy networks, alongside an exchange group on PO5, form the basis of inter-programme exchanges alongside the Policy Objectives. These networks cover [Name and link to], [Name and link to], [Name and link to], and [Name and link to]. More information on the exchange under PO5 can be found here [Link].

What we are working on

With the first projects in 2021-2027 starting to generate results, now is the time for capitalisation to take place, and for results to be shared and transferred, and for policy reach - where the results of a project are shared with policy makers to be considered for adoption.

An event is planned in late 2024, where we will explore and discuss practices of project transfer, policy level outreach and links with other funding programmes. This will also provide a summary on all the capitalisation support provided and available by Interact.