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A more social Europe (PO4)

Interact supports programmes who have adopted the Policy Objective 4: 'A more social Europe' to exchange on their experiences. The goal is to develop knowledge in order to support programming, project management, as well as the collection and communication of results and impact. 

The Policy Objective benefits from Interact's past experience in running a thematic network on Inclusive Growth, which covered the issues tackled in PO4 under the specific objectives:

  • Labour market and access to quality employment through developing social infrastructure and promoting social economy.
  • Access to services in education, training and lifelong learning, including distance and online.
  • Inclusion of marginalised communities, low income households and disadvantaged groups, including people with special needs, through integrated actions, including housing and social services.
  • Integration of third country nationals, including migrants through integrated actions, including housing and social services.
  • Access to healthcare.
  • Role of culture and sustainable tourism in economic development, social inclusion and social innovation.

Who this network is for

The network is open to programme representatives involved in the management of projects under PO4. It also gathers thematic experts, European Commission representatives, stakeholders and other EU co-funding programmes that are interested in working on EU social policy.

What we are working on

The network will reconnect and relaunch at the Interreg Knowledge Fair in Riga, Latvia. 

Following this relaunch, online and an in-person meeting will be planned for later in 2024.

During 2024, the network will also have a focus for post27 discussions on how Interreg contributes to the Union Social Policy