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Monitoring and legal information

Interact is co-funded by the European Union, and from direct contributions from Member States and participating countries.

You can find more information about how we report back to the contributing states in our formal documents below. A rolling summary of our Monitoring Committee meetings (Interact IV Monitoring Committee Meeting Summaries) offers insight into the current work of the programme and the steps being taken to deliver on the objectives of the programme.

Anyone wishing to contact Interact can do so directly, or reach out through your countries representatives to make a more formal inquiry or statement. 

Interact Programme Legal Documents  

Interact IV Programme document

Interact IV List of operations

Interact IV Operational Documents

Interact IV Strategic Implementation Document

Interact IV Evaluation plan

Interact IV Monitoring Committee Documents 

Interact IV Monitoring Committee Members

Interact IV Monitoring Committee Rules of procedure

Interact IV Monitoring Committee meeting summaries

Interact III (2014-2020)

The Interact III Monitoring Committee continues to meet to discuss issues relevant to the programme closure. You can read the summary of Interact III Monitoring Committee meetings here.