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Interreg wide consultation

As part of the consultations on the future of Interreg, Interact is conducting a consultation on the future of Interreg and collecting feedback from programmes about the regulatory repairs and inspirational ideas for a better future.

This is being realised through two approaches to the work.

In almost every Interact event in 2024, there will be an element of reviewing the regulations and issues facing Interreg programmes.

Two milestone events, within the wider work, will present key moments to review the proposals received to date, and work out how to take key suggestions further.

Where to start

You can already start thinking about the issues and challenges you face in your role. As Interact's calendar of events move forwards, you should find yourself in the event where the key issues about your tasks are being discussed. If this is not the case, you can reach out to one of the project team directly.

A webinar on 1 December 2023 launched the process and included a detailed Q&A session with DG REGIO, IVY and Interact. You can watch the video in our library.

What we are working on

Our approach is anchored in the milestone events, please save the following dates:

  • 5-7 March for the first milestone event, which will be a key part of the Interreg Knowledge Fair 2024.
  • Autumn 2024 (October/November) for the second milestone event.
  • Spring 2025 for the final milestone and presentation of results.

Additional resources

The Interreg Knowledge Fair, 05 - 07 March 2024 is the first milestone event for the progress towards Post 2027. Over three days more than 40 sessions will reflect on key implementation challenges, as well as ideas and inspiration for a better future.

Knowledge Fair