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Management verifications

Management verifications are an integral part of any organisation's internal control system. 

The managing authority (MA) is fully responsible for managing and implementing an Interreg programme and organising the management verifications. MA responsibilities are covered by CPR, Article 74 (1).

The MA of each Interreg programme is responsible for organising the system of financial control, which makes sure that projects respect spending rules. Expenditures of each project partner, including a lead partner, must be checked by a controller approved by the country in which they are based. The lead partner then collects certified statements of expenditure from each project partner, adds his own and compiles a joint report, known as a project progress report. A project progress report, submitted to the JS, is a base for a project to claim money for reimbursement.

Where to start

The responsibilities of the MA are set out in Articles 74 (1) of the CPR and offer a good starting point.

The Commission's Reflection paper on Risk Based Management Verifications art 74(2) CPR 2021-2027 provides further insight into the proposed approaches to this topic.

Interact events which explored this topic further can also provide additional insight.

What we are working on:

A new certified training for Management verifications is being developed, and is expected to accept its first cohorts in late 2024. This will be specifically designed to support controllers of Interreg programmes.

A factsheet on novelties and clarifications on management verifications is planned, to update the previous guidance published in December 2021.

In addition to Network events, Interact offers advisories upon request to support the exchange within a defined geography. 

At the Interreg Knowledge Fair, a session will explore the effectiveness of this simplification, and support an exchange of 'on the ground' experiences.

Additional resources

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