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Project closure

Once the project activities are complete and the outputs are delivered, the partnership has final additional tasks to complete to officially close. The project and the programme should reflect on the results and the lessons learned.

It is expected that projects deliver a lasting impact. For some projects, there is a requirement after closure to continue monitoring to ensure the sustainability and durability of the project.

Where to start

Guidance to the closure of projects is finalised as part of the HIT package for 2021-2027.

What we are working on

The first exchanges on project closure will take place at the Interreg Knowledge Fair in March 2024. With some small(er) projects already closing, or close to it, there is a chance to learn from each other and discover what awaits us. Attendees will also hear from both the HIT and Jems perspective on this topic.

At the Interreg Knowledge Fair we will explore both the practice of site visits and the concept of sustainability within the project life cycle.#