Cooperation can be complex;
our job is to make it easier.

Interact Academy

The Interact Academy offers certified trainings and short courses, aimed to quickly equip those working in Interreg with enhanced skills and knowledge – enabling them to be more confident and efficient in their roles.

The Academy offers certified trainings for cohorts of around 25 people. These participants learn together, helping participants start to build their own network of like-minded professionals at a similar stage of their careers.

Each certified training is targeted at a specific issue or challenge facing Interreg programme managers, and the training uses adult-learning techniques to ensure the programme managers are well equipped when they face these challenges in their own programmes.

The first certified training have opened, and you can view the full course library in the Academy.

In addition to the certified trainings, the Academy offers a number of short, self-paced courses that can be taken by anyone, in their own time.

Where to start

You can find out more by browsing the Interact Academy site today, and look at the course catalogue to learn more.

You can also watch our launch webinar, where we explore the concepts that underpin the Academy.

What we are working on

The ongoing work of the Interact Academy is best expressed in the calendar of courses. Please consult the Academy course page directly for the most up to date information.

Each cohort will be published on the Interact website when it is open for registration.


For more information please contact Lamprini Tsoli.

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