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Interreg Slam 2024-2025: Storytelling competition opened

Interreg Slam

20 May 24 2 minutes read

Our favorite performance contest - the Interreg Slam, is back!

It is open to all Interreg projects & programmes. The theme of the Slam campaign is defined as Stories of inclusion and empowerment, connected to the communication topic of the European values: Human dignity, Freedom, Democracy, Equality, Rule of law and Human rights. 

In particular, we are searching for stories of projects providing equal access to education, health and work. We are also looking for projects addressing the appreciation of diversity through partnerships and building of inclusive community relationships. In the spirit of Interreg, all of them should result in a strong impact across borders. 

If you think you have such a project, we are here to help you promote its achievements with a professional video and live performance at the Interreg GO! event 2025 key stage, part of the Nova Gorica / Gorizia European Capital of Culture. 

The Interreg Slam contest proposals aim to:

  • Win the production of a professional promo video, showcasing their project’s story;
  • Receive coaching by a top level expert in Storytelling and Video-making, and get certificates for both;
  • Win a trip to Nova Gorica / Gorizia (Slovenia / Italy), in March 2025 and take part in the Interreg GO! event;
  • Make live performance on a key European stage and to meet the best experts from the European Commission and the programme bodies of Interreg;
  • Benefit from Interact's publicity and reach millions of people. 


Support to your application 

To help you prepare your stories, we provide a kick-off event in May 2024 and two training webinars, one on June 3rd and the other one on June 10th 2024, involving an expert storyteller. The events will be focusing on: 

  • the main novelties and features of the Interreg Slam 2024-2025;
  • the rules for application and contest;
  • training and coaching on storytelling. 

Recordings of the training sessions will be available upon request by email. Applications must be submitted by using our Storytelling template, following the Instructions of its completion and its Rules. All documents are published with this announcement. 

NB! Applications must be submitted to the email:

Join our competition today and make your project well known around Europe!!!

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