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Interact's Online Learning Platform will close in December

Interact Academy

13 November 23 5 min read

The Interact online learning platform ( will close on 20 December 2023 

The Online Learning Platform closure comes as Interact’s online learning offer graduates to become the Interact Academy.

The short, self-paced courses which were the core offer of the Online Learning Platform will continue as ‘Short Courses’ within the Interact Academy. You will still be able to enrol in courses when you want to, learning in your own time on courses designed specifically for Interreg.

In addition to these courses, a new approach of ‘Certified Training’ will be offered. 

Certified trainings will take small cohorts of around 20 practitioners through 12-20 hours of learning, over an 8-week period. The certified trainings will consist of different elements which can include self-paced reading or similar activities, alongside other activities with a set time and date when the whole cohort meets – either online or in person. 

The certified trainings will include a knowledge verification requirement (i.e. a test) to show that knowledge and skills have been gained in this process.

You can find out more about the Interact Academy at, where you can already log in with your existing Interact profile and enrol in the new courses. 

For any outstanding courses you may have in the Online Learning Platform please complete them by 15 December before the platform is closed. 

As the platform will end, records such as your course history will not be retained. Should you need a record of your past trainings, please make your own records before 15 December 2023

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