Cooperation can be complex;
our job is to make it easier.

Interact Academy is live!

Interact Academy

20 October 23 2 min read

Interact has launched a new tool to make cooperation easier!

The Interact Academy offers certified trainings and short courses aiming to quickly equip new Interreg programme managers with enhanced skills and knowledge, enabling them to embark on their roles with increased confidence and efficiency.

The Academy offers certified trainings which will take place in cohorts of around 25 people. This will enabling participants to build a network of like-minded professionals at a similar stage of their careers.

The first two certified trainings are Interreg Project managementand Storytelling for Interreg. The courses draw on the best practices of the wider Interreg community and are focused on practical learning based on adult educational approaches.

The Academy also offers six self-paced short courses, similar to the offer in the Online Learning Platform

It is now possible to enrol in the two certified trainings that will take place before end December 2023!

Want to know more? Check out our launch webinar and Q&A document on the links below.

You can also log into the Academy, and enrol today for two certified trainings!


Q&A | Interact Academy launch

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Video | Interact Academy Launch Webinar

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