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Communication skills

Communication skills focuses on the skills and knowledge Interreg officers working in communication need to have to most effectively reach and communicate with their audiences. It is supported by work on the interpretation of the regulation, and training and guidance on tools to support communication.

In particular, work under this theme focusses on topical trainings, and is supported by an annual training available to all Interreg programme communication officers on a key need in the year ahead. Such trainings have focused on Graphic Design Storytelling, using AI as well as how to write copy for journalists.

This work also strongly links to Interact's soft skills work to promote plain language in communicating EU funds.

Where to start

Linked below are a series of trainings and resources which can support you. It is also strongly encouraged that the communication officers of every Interreg programme join ICON, the Interreg Communication Officers Network, where (among other things), the annual training is organised.

We also offer various certified trainings and short courses on key skills for communication officers in the Interact Academy.

What we are working on

The annual ICON meeting is planned for late 2024, and is planned to focus on creating well written content designed for websites and social media.

In addition, certified training courses for video making and storytelling will take place during the year.

During the Interreg Knowledge Fair, there will be a session on 'The ten elements that make a web story worth-reading'.

An event in late spring will connect Capitalisation and Communication (CAP COM), which aims to showcase successful practices in these fields.

A webinar in April/May on 'How to write a good article?'. This session is addressed to IVY volunteers writing for the magazine 'Stories of European Cooperation' but it can be open for other participants upon request.  

Key resources

Journalism mini guide 

AI Foundations webinar (Video to follow):